Event Conceptualization

Storytelling Strategy

Social Activations

Talent Procurement

Presentation Support

Copywriting + Scripting

Strategic Collaborations + Partnerships

Creative Collaboration Package

We collaborate to develop an innovative event concept that pushes boundaries and creates a unique audience experience. 

Our team scouts emerging talent and collaborates with influencers, artists, and diverse lineup curation aligned with your creative vision.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive executive support, crafting persuasive presentations that convey the collaborative nature and objectives of your event.

Our skilled copywriters produce engaging scripts that inspire the audience to take action.

Through interactive social activations, we foster audience participation, co-creation, and a sense of community.


Creative Direction

Design + Decor

Custom Builds

Interactive Experiences

Scenic Concepts

Environmental ConsiderationS

Exhibit Displays + Signage

Design Development Package

Tailored guidance to ensure your event reflects your brand’s identity and conveys your desired message. We curate custom-tailored design elements and decor for a visually appealing aesthetic that enhances the overall experience. 


With expertise in installations, structures, and furniture sourcing, we add exclusivity and personalization. Our interactive experiences engage attendees through immersive installations and hands-on activities. Visually impactful exhibit displays and signage effectively communicate your brand and guide attendees with clarity and style.


Additionally, we’ll transform your event space to create a captivating ambiance while prioritising environmentally friendly practices, using sustainable materials and energy-efficient lighting where applicable.


Bar Management

Venue Sourcing

Logistics + Planning

Audio Visual, Lighting + Staging


Technical Direction + Production Labor

Health + Safety

Install + Implement Package

Bedrock specializes in creating exceptional bar experiences for your occasion. With extensive expertise in bar management, we ensure efficient operations and guarantee an unforgettable time for your guests. Curated menus that reflect an awareness of both environmental and social climates are what we excel at.

 The venue sourcing team can help you find the perfect location that matches your requirements, setting the stage for a seamless and remarkable event. With meticulous logistics and planning, we coordinate vendors and manage timelines to create a smooth and successful occasion. A/V, lighting, and staging elevates the ambiance and impact of your event, creating captivating moments. 

Our catering partners provide culinary creations that will leave a lasting impression. Above all, we prioritize your safety by implementing rigorous health and safety measures, creating a secure environment for all attendees.


The Bedrock has taken action by integrating circular practices into our business operations.

Our signature Sustainable Bar is a fun and easy way to incorporate environmental awareness into your event and take drinking responsibly to another level.

Increase your brand value, be a pioneer and educate your guests on how far reaching circular principles through custom cocktails and a unique bar experience.


Seasonal, locally sourced drink ingredients

Custom bar management packages

Incentivize minimal waste

Repurposed materials for bar design

Tap into our partnerships with sustainable, wine, liquor and beer brands


Locally sourced food menus and diverse, reputable caterers

Budget management to prioritize small businesses and local economy

Ensure inclusivity and representation within the event supply chain

Incorporate community engagement initiatives

Unique offerings and innovations

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